Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early 2016 Updates

We are happy it is finally warm here in Utah!  We escaped the winter by going on a Caribbean cruise in January out of Miami.  The girls loved being in tiny little beds, camp carnival games, eating fancy food, and staying up watching movies on the deck in the hot tub.  Lisa loved Jamaica, especially when we rode on horses in the ocean, rode around in a car without seatbelts, hiked some waterfalls, played on the beach, and hung out with super laid back, pot-smoking Jamaicans.  I also loved snorkeling in Grand Cayman and swimming with sting rays (where Steve Irwin died and Richard Branson got bit), but the girls were freaked out.  We also loved doing a road trip down the Florida Keys.

Easter was fun!

We also hit the Jazz/Clippers game and got to go underneath because one of the cameramen is in our ward. 

 Third Eye Blind (old band from the 90s) concert (notice all the empty seats behind us!)

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

We travelled to Montana because Lisa’s Aunt Sharon passed away.  Lisa has been close to Uncle Glen and Aunt Sharon her whole life, and they often travelled up there to Kalispell every other year for Thanksgiving.  I got to spend a couple Thanksgivings with them before Sharon’s health deteriorated.  It was a nice funeral.  We had a good time with the girls staying in hotels, swimming, helping with the services, and visiting a ghost town.  

And of course we are excited about the baby boy on the way!

We feel really blessed to have a healthy pregnancy going and feel like it is an answer to many prayers.  Life just keeps getting better!

 We love you all and wish you the best!


Jacqueline said...

What a cute family you are. I loved seeing what you've been up to!

Jacqueline said...
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